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Utah Business – March 2017

The March 2017 issue of Utah Business magazine features CEO of the Year, “In Case of Emergency,” a piece on the booming emergency preparedness industry and “Pump Up the Volume,” where we explore the continued prevalence of radio.

CEO of the Year:

It takes a lot of things to sail a ship, like a skilled crew and a study hull – and, of course, a capable captain at the helm. From among the throng of excellent leaders helping guide Utah’s businesses to success, we’ve picked 10 who have led their teams through a year of remarkable change and growth. From companies and nonprofit organizations big and small, join us as we pay tribute to the 2017 CEOs of the Year.

In Case of Emergency:

Few people could feel more at home than Harry Weyandt did on a mountain trail or a camp in the wilderness. From the moment he joined a Boy Scout troop, Weyandt carved out an identity as the ultimate Boy Scout.

His wilderness gear offered a moving inventory of tools, supplies, food and water that could be used for any scenario he might encounter away from home.

Pump Up the Volume:

The first commercial radio broadcast was transmitted over the airways on Nov. 2, 1920. KDKA out of Pittsburgh chose Nov. 2 because it was Election Day in America, a time when people would likely tun into the broadcast – and they did. Radio became enormously popular over the years that followed, quickly growing into a household staple despite the many changes the industry faced.