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Utah Business – July 2016

The July 2016 issue of Utah Business magazine features EY Entrepreneur of the Year® and the Utah Restaurant Association Awards.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year®:

Utah is defined and shaped by its entrepreneurial culture. It’s what fuels the state’s legendary sales force, underlies our vibrant network marketing industry and launches a multitude of new ambitious ventures each year. The annual EY Entrepreneur of the Year® program celebrates and ignites this entrepreneurial culture by honoring the people taking risks, making tough decisions and pinpointing opportunities in order to launch and grow their businesses.

Utah Restaurant Association Awards:

It’s a gathering of leading chefs, restauranteurs, suppliers and industry up-and-comers. An evening of celebration. An opportunity for hard-working folks behind the scenes to be recognized for their starring role in Utah’s restaurant scene. It’s the annual Utah Restaurant Industry Awards, hosted by the Utah Restaurant Association and Utah Business. A tradition more than 30 years in the making, here we shine a light on the latest honorees to receive top dining accolades.