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Book of Lists 2018

Utah Business‘s Book of Lists can benefit your business by aiding in:

  1. Sales Prospecting– Discover the top companies by industry that needs your goods and services. Connect with decision makers by importing contact information and start closing sales with efficiency.
  2. Business Research– Want to see who’s on top in your industry? Find vital statistics on the top businesses in your local metropolitan area and see how your business measures up.
  3. Competitive Landscape– Who are the leaders in your industry? Get key facts and statistics of your competitors and plan your business positioning strategies.
  4. Track Companies That Matter to You– In the interactive edition, you can create watch lists on companies you want to track and receive the latest company news and updates delivered to your inbox & desktop.
  5. B2B Transactions– Does your company have a product or service that other businesses need? Search for prospective clients on criteria that are specific to your business industry
  6. Networking– Extend your network with ease. Search for new connections by industry, company, business association & more. Import key decision makers’ complete contact information.
  7. Job Search– A tougher economy calls for a powerful job searching tool. Search prospective employers on a number of criteria levels that are important to you in your job search.
  8. Relocation– Moving to a new area? The Interactive Book of Lists can assist you in finding a new employer, a homebuilder, even a real estate agency!
  9. Fundraising-Trying to raise money for your cause or charity? Find out who controls the purse strings in your market and direct your appeal to them!
  10. Travel Entertainment-Visiting a new area? Find lists of hotels, shopping centers and many tourist attractions!

You may purchase the Book of Lists in its entirety or purchase individual lists in an Excel format.