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Utah Business – August 2016

The August 2016 issue of Utah Business magazine highlights local instrument makers, questions whether Outdoor Retailer will outgrow Utah and delves into Tesla‘s legal woes in the state.

Local Instrument Makers Hit the Right Note:

In an erstwhile Chinese restaurant in Sandy, highly trained craftsmen put the finishing touches on the bells of saxophones, carving in swirling lines and shapes in the curved metal. Around the room, details are added and checked on clarinets and flutes. When each instrument is finished, they’ll be shipped off to music stores across the globe – the newest members of the Cannonball Musical Instruments family – and bought and played by musicians from students in school bands to renowned professionals.

Outdoor Retainer:

Outdoor Retailer (OR), the largest summer and winter outdoor gear, apparel, accessories and technology tradeshow, has a contract with Salt Lake City through summer 2018. Both the winter and summer shows have been held in Salt Lake City since 1996 (save for the 2002 winter show, which was moved to Anaheim due to the Winter Olympics being held in Salt Lake City), but what does the show’s future hold past 2018?

A New Direction:

Imagine you’re in the market for a new car – but this time you want something different. Something like a Tesla Model X, a luxury electric sports utility vehicle that boasts a 90 kWh battery providing 257 miles of range. As you research your dream purchase, you learn that you can’t buy a Tesla in Utah. Tesla isn’t permitted to sell its cars in the state because it doesn’t use the dealership franchise system. You wonder, “What’s this franchise system all about and why can’t I buy what I want?”