Andrew DeLaMare Flourishes In Sales

When Andrew DeLaMare joined OptConnect in 2012, he has proved time and time again to be a leader, mentor, and a respected authority in sales. Driving over 50 percent of all company sales, he has increased 2018 sales by 10 percent and increased the number of product services sold by 118 percent since 2017. For one product in particular, OptReboot, Mr. DeLaMare increased sales by 774 percent in 2018. And during the summer SIM Campaign, he outsold all other sales associates 100 to one. “I initially didn’t think I would do well in sales,” Mr. DeLaMare says, but he’s since proven himself wrong. “I doubted myself and that I could make a viable career out of this. But I’ve surprised myself in how invested I’ve become.”

On top of his own accomplishments, Mr. DeLaMare believes in taking the time to care for his team. “Andrew has truly been a pillar in the sales department here at OptConnect,” says Miranda Romero, marketing coordinator at OptConnect. “He always puts his team first, no matter what.” After meeting his own monthly quotas, he works to support the remaining team quota. “Each day I go to work, I am excited about a number of opportunities I’m working on,” he says. “It’s rewarding to see a partnership flourish and know you had a part in that development.”