AJ Boldan Is The King Of Comeback

After joining the University of Utah Hockey team in 2007, AJ Boldan has worked diligently to grow and guide the team to success. Starting as a player and a University of Utah student, he quickly took over the team as general manager in 2008. Leading the team to a comeback after back-to-back losing seasons, Mr. Boldan quickly proved himself more than a leader. Securing bids for the 2014 PAC-8 Championships, the 2015 ACHA Division 2 National Championships, and democratizing the broadcasting of college hockey, Mr. Boldan even executed Utah’s move to Division 1 for the ACHA 2016-2017 season. After more than a decade with the team, Mr. Boldan hasn’t forgotten what’s important. “I really enjoy how the game brings so many people together,” he says. “From grandparents to alumni to the players themselves, no matter who is playing, people just love hockey!” Recently, under Mr. Boldan’s direction, the team announced they will be expanding to include a women’s hockey program beginning in the 2019-2020 season.

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