Advice Media announces name change to MyAdvice

Park City — Advice Media, a leading provider of software-based marketing solutions for medical, dental, and law practices, announced today a new company name and refreshed brand vision. MyAdvice’s updated brand vision reflects a renewed focus on the company’s SaaS-based digital marketing tools and support that enable its clients to increase revenue by attracting and retaining more customers. The MyAdvice platform gives business owners across the medical, dental, and legal industries hands-on control and full visibility into the performance of their online marketing activities.

“The update to our name and brand identity reflects a long-term evolution in our strategy. By providing clients with self-service, SaaS-based tools, we empower them to take control of their digital marketing needs while still having our team’s expert guidance on how to build and maintain a successful marketing program,” says Shawn Miele, CEO of MyAdvice.

MyAdvice offers support to its clients with its six-stage Pyramid of SuccessTM, a proven step-by-step plan for how and when to implement growth-oriented marketing tactics for greatest impact, including website design and maintenance, local search, customer reviews, social media presence, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search.

The Vein Center of Cincinnati has experienced tremendous and rapid growth through its partnership with MyAdvice, leaning on both technology and guidance to triple visitors to its website via an online search. The practice currently acquires more than 70% of its new patients via its search-optimized online presence.

“So much of building a brand-new business involves learning on the fly,” says Dr. Andrew Hearn. “MyAdvice has been invaluable in that process, not only in educating me and giving me some direction, but also in providing a platform to get it done. Our marketing efforts with MyAdvice have allowed us to attract high-quality patients, and as a result, we’re exceeding our financial goals as a growing practice.”

MyAdvice has driven results for long-established practices also, as evidenced by Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown in Georgetown, TX. Since launching an SEO campaign with MyAdvice in July 2020, website visitors from search has increased by 163 percent, supporting the practice’s growth goals of 45 new patients per month.

“We just didn’t see any measurable improvement with our digital marketing partners in the past, but that all changed with MyAdvice,” says Dr. Mark Duncan. “There’s been a remarkable improvement in new patient volume. The MyAdvice team digs in and shows us what levers we can pull together to actually drive the business. And they do it through conversations that non-marketing-trained people like myself can work with and understand. We get pertinent information that makes sense and that we can really use.”

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MyAdvice empowers more than 1,800 business owners and professionals to increase their revenue by attracting and retaining more customers through digital marketing. The SaaS-based platform enables hands-on control and visibility into performance of online marketing activities, backed by 20+ years of best practices and expertise on how to maximize those efforts. MyAdvice’s six-stage Pyramid of SuccessTM provides a proven step-by-step plan for how and when to implement growth-oriented marketing tactics for the greatest impact, including website design and maintenance, local directories, customer reviews, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Learn more at