The Gateway Launches Green Initiatives to Reduce Carbon Footprint The Gateway Launches Green Initiatives to Reduce Carbon Footprint
The Gateway Launches Green Initiatives to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Salt Lake City—With red-air days at an all-time high, The Gateway is dramatically reducing its carbon footprint as well as formulating a long-term strategy to reduce emissions further in the coming year.

“As we enter our next phase, it’s our mission to get more and more ‘green’,” says Edie Trott, marketing director at The Gateway. “We love our segment of Salt Lake City, and we’re going to take care of it. We’re going to keep looking for ways to get involved in an important issue that impacts all of us—both on and off the property.”

In addition to cosmetic changes, The Gateway is making updates to dramatically reduce its environmental impact. In both parking garages, all lighting has been upgraded to advanced LED lamps, offering improved visibility and a reduction in electrical usage by 40 percent. Across the property’s two city blocks of its central plant facility, nearly half of the efforts have been completed to improve heating efficiency, with the cooling efficiency project set to begin next month and continue through summer.

These significant upgrades represent over 167 metric tons of saved greenhouse gas emissions: enough to power an average passenger vehicle nearly 400,000 miles. The Gateway’s efforts will offset more than 18,000 gallons of gasoline consumed, or 177,000 pounds of burned coal—as it strives to become one of downtown’s greenest businesses.

The Gateway is continuing to look for other emission-reducing opportunities, and will install more electric vehicle charging stations this Summer—with an eye toward further reducing and optimizing its environmental footprint over the coming year.

Vestar purchased The Gateway last Spring, and announced its plan to invest $100 million to revitalize the property, with an emphasis on entertainment, art, and culture. With a track record of implementing sustainability programs in its other properties, the latest green initiatives at The Gateway are a key part of the parent company’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility.