April 10, 2014

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Utah Innovation Awards

Inventing a Better Tomorrow

By Devin Felix, Rachel Madison and Heather Stewart, Illustrations by Juliann Law

April 10, 2014

Pro-xi Workstation Integrator by Portalis LC

The Portalis pro-xi Workstation Integrator is the solution to the longstanding problem of enabling humans to effectively monitor, control and make decisions while using the ever-increasing number of separate computer systems deployed in mission-critical control rooms. It gives operators powerful new tools to conquer the chaos of data overload prevalent in today’s control rooms and operations centers.

Normally, the information needed by operators to make decisions is displayed as characters and images on numerous video monitors, and operators must divide attention between these monitors to discover and mentally process relevant information. Aggregating and processing video output to enhance information availability is the basis of the pro-xi.

With the pro-xi, control rooms can also be made smaller or existing rooms can accommodate more activity in the same space. Deploying the pro-xi also reduces the environmental impact of control rooms by reducing power and cooling usage. Portalis is located in Midvale.

Thermal Radar by Thermal Imaging Radar, LLC

Thermal video surveillance has long been the holy grail of the security world, mainly for its ability to see in complete darkness. Thermal Radar is a compact, lightweight and very low-power thermal camera that has the ability to create 360-degree, HD panoramic images every second and analyze them for intrusion.

Thermal Imaging Radar’s camera multiplies one thermal sensor in a way that allows it to do the work of 16 thermal cameras, making it cost-effective to use almost anywhere. And because the device was designed for use in remote areas where little or no power is available, it requires less than 6 watts to operate.

In addition, the camera is able to analyze images and detect the presence of a person, vehicle or fire. Once detected, alerts can be sent to any designated recipient via its built-in WiFi, cellular or satellite modems. Thermal Imaging Radar is based in Saratoga Springs.

Honorable Mention

WiTricity Charging System for Consumer Electronic Devices, by WiTricity

Consumer Software & Web Services Finalists

Disney Infinity by Avalanche Software Disney Interactive

The ground-breaking game Disney Infinity, released in 2013, gives video gamers and Disney fans the opportunity to play through story-driven experiences based on popular Disney and Pixar franchises.

Players can place interactive character figures and power discs on a Disney Infinity Base to activate original story-driven adventures within the game, as well as collect unique characters, vehicles and other items from each world and save them to a virtual Toy Box. Players can then create their own adventures and build their own virtual worlds in the Toy Box. To date, more than 3 million starter packs of the game have been sold worldwide.

The innovation was conceived and developed at Avalanche Software in Salt Lake City in collaboration with Disney Interactive and The Walt Disney Company. Avalanche Software was founded in 1995 and acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2005. More than 200 employees work in the Utah office.

Speakerfy by Optini

Over the past few decades, listening to music has become an increasingly personal, solitary experience. The Walkman, the iPod and other MP3 players essentially play music for just one listener. Optini set out to change that with a free app, Speakerfy, that lets multiple listeners play the same song at exactly the same time on their own devices. In other words, Speakerfy turns everyone’s smart phone into a shared speaker system.

Multiple cars in a parking lot can all play the same song, in sync. Or users can hold a silent concert, where everyone uses their own devices and ear buds to listen and dance to the same music—in a perfectly silent room.

Optini introduced Speakerfy at the 2013 SXSW show, where Shaquille O’Neal picked it as the app of the show. The app can be downloaded on IOS and Android, and the company has garnered more than 10,000 downloads so far.

Honorable Mentions

Bill Watch, by Utah.Gov

SimPayX-Enabling Smart Mobile Payments, by SimPayX

Enterprise Software & Web-Enabled B2B Solutions Finalists

Big Workflow Solution by Adaptive Computing Enterprises, Inc.

Big data is the name of the game, with companies of every size now gathering, storing and analyzing vast amounts of data. Unfortunately, running big data analyses and complex simulations can be a hands-on, time-consuming, multi-step process. Big Workflow solution by Adaptive Computing streamlines the process of gleaning insights from big data across multiple applications, environments and locations. Big Workflow makes running big data analyses much more efficient, reducing the time from days or weeks to minutes or hours.

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