August 1, 2008

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Luxe Automotive Gets Your Dreams on the Road

Sarah Ryther-Francom

August 1, 2008

“My goal is to help people get into the cars they love,” says Tamio Stehrenberger. And that’s just what he’s doing. Stehrenberger is a self-proclaimed automobile fanatic and founder of Luxe Automotive Group, a company that rents and leases luxury automobiles to fellow car lovers. Launched in 2006, Luxe Automotive now owns about 70 luxurious automobiles, including Ferraris, Maseratis and even a SmartCar, to name a few. Moving full speed ahead, Luxe Automotive aims to make anyone’s ultimate car fantasy become a reality. A Day (or More) in Paradise For a day, a weekend or even a month, Luxe Automotive can put you in the driver’s seat of a world-class car. As the only establishment in Utah offering luxury car rentals, Luxe Automotive is changing the traditional function of a car from a mode of transportation to the ultimate accessory. And people are starting to notice. “A lot of people come to Utah for things like skiing, and they hear about Luxe Automotive and want to drive one of the cars,” says Stehrenberger. “Golf pros, cool bands are renting our cars…and our cars can be used for any special occasion, like a date or wedding.” Rental prices vary greatly depending on the vehicle of choice. For example, a one-day rental of a Bentley Continental GT costs $749 while one day in a Cadillac Escalade costs $129. While these prices may seem steep for only a one-day rental, when compared to similar luxury car rental programs found in neighboring states, Luxe Automotive’s prices are hundreds less. A day rental is comprised of a 24-hour period, with a one-hour grace period. If you’re thinking of suprising your sixteen year old for a day, sorry. Luxe Automotive follows general rental policies; all drivers must be at least 25 years old, and carry a valid driver’s license. For those living life in the fast lane, Luxe Automotive also offers lease programs ranging from one month to three years. “If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t like long-term commitments, you can change your car to another luxury car every few months,” Stehrenberger says. A Car Fanatic’s Dream Come True If you just love the look of a nice ride in your driveway, Luxe Automotive’s patented ownership program gives clients the opportunity to own the exotic automobile they’ve been drooling over. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: You start by meeting with Luxe’s experts who will help you decide what you’re looking for and arrange your financing. Once financing is finalized, company representatives help you locate and purchase the automobile(s). Next, you lease the car back to Luxe Automotive, which in turn rents out the car to other clients. In about five to six years, the car is returned to you completely paid off. During the process, you’re also building credit, which will help you purchase other luxury items, such as a yacht or an airplane, Stehrenberger says. “We started Luxe Automotive to help people get on the path of increasing their credit depth to one day get financing for exotic cars, then from there up,” he says. “We’re a stepping-stone company. Some people want to build their credit, but don’t want a huge negative monthly cash flow of an expensive car. We can take that car and rent or lease it out to cover their payments, and maybe then some extra.” Stehrenberger believes the Luxe Automotive process is unique because, with the company’s experts in the financial and automotive industries, Luxe can tailor leasing programs to meet clients’ goals. “We’re now a one-stop shop (besides the bank) for committing to such a program,” he says. Shifting Gears Now that Luxe Automotive is moving full speed ahead, Stehrenberger continues to make dreams come true in other directions. About eight months ago, Stehrenberger established the Luxe Foundation. “I’ve always believed in virtuous capitalism, which is why I started the foundation. It’s been open for awhile and we’ve already been able to do some good things with it,” he says. Since its establishment, the foundation has participated in raffle charities for the Steve Young Foundation and American Indian Foundation, has raised money for the Foundation of Economic Education and has participated in fundraising cruises. Stehrenberger says that as the foundation grows, he hopes to focus its efforts towards aiding education. “I believe strongly in education. I want the foundation to be able to provide scholarships for kids who might not get the chance to go to school,” he says. As for the future of Luxe Automotive, Stehrenberger plans to build a showroom in Salt Lake City within a year, as well as expand into Florida and California in the next few years. All in one, Stehrenberger says that he hopes Luxe Automotive will keep making people smile. “These cars bring out happiness in a lot of people; I’m just happy to be a part of it.”
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