CEO of the Year

By Utah Business editors | Photography by Eric Delphenich

March 12, 2014

Falk says he has learned much as he has managed Newmark through ups and downs over the years. “Success for me is all about recovery,” he says. “I don’t know anybody who succeeds at everything they do, all of the time. What I do know is if I can find a way to get back up and recover—whether that’s in business, relationships or health—that’s success to me.”

Falk has a keen focus on continual improvement, and says it is another key element of measuring one’s success. “Success to me is progress, not perfection. If you’re getting better, then that’s success.”

His dedication to progress is ingrained within Newmark’s company culture, says Blanchard. “We have a saying called 10X. He wants us to think about not what we are today, but what can we be 10 times when it comes to revenue and productivity,” he says. “It’s impressive to me that despite all of his successes, Mike is not content—he continues to look forward.”

In his leadership role, Falk says his No. 1 goal is to help not just his company, but his employees succeed. “The second that it becomes about the company and not about our people, it’s about the time we’re going to be doing something else.”

  • Newmark is projecting a 40 percent bottom-line increase in 2014.

  • Its asset services division grew by 17 percent in 2013.

  • Newmark launched its own commercial brokerage software, One Touch, in 2013.

Sarah Lehman

CEO, ENVE Composites

When Sarah Lehman joined ENVE Composites as CEO in 2010, it was supposed to be a temporary situation, as she helped pull the company back from the brink of bankruptcy. “I agreed to join for 90 days, and I’ve been there now for four years, so I clearly fell in love with the company—it’s an easy place to love,” says Lehman.

ENVE Composites manufactures and sells high-end, carbon-fiber bicycle wheels, components and frame parts. The company has devoted customers in more than 30 countries. “ENVE is renowned for making the strongest, lightest, most durable wheels, I would say, on the planet,” she says.

But gaining that international reputation took a lot of work. “When I came onboard in 2010, for every 10 wheels that we made, we probably scrapped five. Scalability looked very weak,” says Lehman. In fact, it looked like the company was going to have to move its manufacturing to Asia—a step company leaders were not excited to take. “It just didn’t sit well with us. It didn’t feel like the right thing to do.”

Lehman credits the hard work of talented engineers and the head of operations for slowly, methodically increasing the quality of the products coming out of the Ogden manufacturing plant. But Taylor Satterthwaite, co-owner of the company, says Lehman’s passionate leadership inspired the team.

“She leads by example,” he says. “She’s there longer than anyone else. She works really hard. She’s enthusiastic; she’s organized. I think people look at her and realize, ‘Wow, this company can be something.’”

“In 2014, we are making wheels by the thousands in Ogden, Utah,” says Lehman proudly. In fact, the company makes all of its rims in Ogden and is bringing other jobs back from Asia.

Lehman’s background is in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. She spent more than a decade in marketing, sales and operational roles in that industry, including as acting team leader for Zyrtec at Pfizer. Now, at ENVE, she says she loves “the joy of working in a passion-based industry.”

That passion for innovation and quality will propel the company far. “If we’re making product that we love, that means that we’re strong enough as a company that we can pursue our passions, versus trying to pursue something that will have mass appeal,” says Lehman. “The product in our pipeline is very exciting, it’s very innovative. I hope it surprises people.”

  • ENVE has placed on the Inc. 5000 list for two years in a row.

  • The company earned three product of the year awards at Interbike, an international biking tradeshow.

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